Run Rollins Run! is a speedrun-based 2D platformer created by Lucas James and Chris Turton. The player takes the role of Nolan, a tall human on a mission to save his good friend Syndio. Along the way, he will have to evade enemies and obstacles as well as collect coins (optional). 

Being speedrun based, the main point of the game is to have the top speedrunning score. Can you beat the top Dev time of 11.74 seconds? Good luck!


  • Full screen is recommended.
  • The game may be slow the first time you load it when switching pages. Just give it a second and it'll change.
  • The game dev time of 11.74 seconds extremely fast. Don't be discouraged if you aren't close to that time. Most people don't make it in faster than 30 seconds their first time.

Development log